Update: Where I’ve Been

Hello, and if you are still checking this space, I am truly grateful. 🙂 I am still alive and mostly well, but WOW–the end of 2017 was truly brutal. Within three weeks I had a death in the family and lost my full-time job (budget cuts). Mentally, this has been a lot to deal with and I have slowly been trying to recover from it all, not to mention finding work, which I have been unsuccessful with so far.

On the bright side, I’m teaching two classes this semester and substitute teaching (I could write a book about this experience, unreal), so it’s something.

I have been taking photos and want to get back into writing here. I miss beauty blogging. I love the beauty world and have a lot to talk about! I may not be able to keep up with what is new and trendy, but what really matters is my love for writing and that this is just a fun hobby for me.

Thank you for reading and sticking with me.

🙂 –Melissa



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NARS Orgasm Lipstick Review


*deluxe sample

NARS recently made some new additions to their very famous Orgasm makeup collection. I was quite excited about the liquid blushes (I have yet to purchase any), and I was also excited about the lipstick. I picked up the lipstick in deluxe sample size thanks to a Sephora code.


The lipstick is the same formula as their regular line, not the Audacious lipstick line. I actually prefer this line compared to Audacious because it isn’t drying. The color is the same as the blush–peachy pink with gold shimmer.


The gold shimmer isn’t chunky glitter for those wary of that; I don’t notice it feeling chunky at all. It’s glides on smoothly and the formula is pretty thin, but it does built up nicely. I love the color and find that it really freshens up the face, just like the blush of the same name does. This lipstick does not have any detectable scent either, if that is a concern.


The full-size lipstick is $28, so the price has gone up in recent years (I believe they used to be $26). I love the color but am not sure if I would purchase the full size lipstick since it takes so long to go through one; the sample will last a long time! Time will tell if this is a must have for me, but so far I do adore the color of this lipstick, and the formula.



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NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer Review



NARS has been one of my favorite makeup brands in the past, and I believe they make quality makeup that is long-lasting and pigmented. That said, it has been awhile since I’ve followed their new releases religiously, and I know the Soft Matte Complete Concealer has been around for nearly a year now. At $30, it is pricey, especially for someone like me who doesn’t really use concealer regularly.

Unfortunately, I have fallen in love with this concealer!


Vanilla, Custard, Caramel, Hazelnut

The sample has lasted for several weeks now, so I’ve had ample time to test it out. I typically use concealer for spot concealing redness, freckles that may show up if I’m slacking on sunscreen, or blemishes (which is rare for me). I have normal skin and since this is matte, I didn’t find it drying; however, if you have dry skin, it is worth sampling first.

I rarely wear concealer under the eyes, but for me, this is too heavy for that area. I prefer this formula for the face rather than for concealing and correcting dark circles.

This is soft, it is matte, it is full coverage, and it is very creamy and natural. It simply melts into the skin–I love easy this concealer is to apply! Another thing that I always appreciate about NARS is that their shade matches are spot on with my skin. Custard is a perfect match for my face; I was hoping to get away with vanilla in order to enjoy this little sample more, but it is simply too light.


This concealer comes in 16 shades; the selection can definitely use more colors on the deep side of the color spectrum.

This concealer is a huge win in my book, but I am unsure if I will purchase it at this time. It is also noteworthy that I think this is better than the Radiant Creamy Concealer, which I really enjoyed.

What is your favorite concealer?

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Maybelline City Mini Palette in Downtown Sunrise Review


*purchased by me

Maybelline recently released several new eyeshadow palettes called the “City Mini” collection. I normally steer clear of drugstore eyeshadow; however, that bright pink shade really spoke to me, so I decided to try one in a moment of weakness.


There are six shades in the palette: three satin/matte shades and 3 shimmers. I think this is a good palette for someone who does the same thing daily, doesn’t want to spend a lot of money, and wants an occasional pop of color.


The lighter shimmers aren’t intense but they provide a beautiful sheen. The matte tan shade, the transition shade of the palette, is the weakest of the bunch. It is a little difficult to blend, but not impossible. The best shade in the palette is the hot coral with gold shimmer.


I really liked wearing this palette and was pleasantly surprised by it! It is also worth mentioning that these shadows last for over 12 hours with primer, because when I went to wash my face, they were still there looking fresh. For $10, this is a win!

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Current Wishlist! NARS, Anastasia, Jane Iredale

Screenshot 2017-07-22 at 8.22.39 PM

It’s time for a wishlist post! I’m excited to be writing this post on my new chromebook. I needed a new computer for work especially, and decided that this would be perfect for my needs. Today was a really fun day; I went to a museum with friends and did a little shopping, including perusing Ulta. I picked up a few items, but overall practiced great restraint (due to the new chromebook necessity).

This wishlist is a mix of new and old beauty items on my radar. First up is the Anastasia Aurora highlighter palette. Now that I have seen it in person, the lust is real! It is absolutely stunning and very unique.

wishlist1The Urban Decay Naked Skin One and Done has been on my radar for over a year. I can’t justify this purchase at the moment because I have my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and a few foundations to use first. I haven’t tried a sample, but I love the texture of it from swatching it in the store. I may have to make a trip to Sephora to seek out a sample.

Screenshot 2017-07-22 at 8.23.53 PM

The Moroccan Oil hand cream is a completely frivolous item on my list. At $32 it seems steep for a hand cream, especially when I have hand creams already. If you have tried this, I would love to know your thoughts on it!


I mentioned the NARS Creamy Matte concealer in my June favorites post, because I have a sample of it. I am still using that sample and adore it. It is the perfect color for my skin, blends easily, and stays put. I love the texture. Unfortunately, NARS just lost their cruelty-free status, which is super disappointing. I also am not sure I can justify $30 for a concealer when it is something I don’t use daily. That brings me to my next item…

Screenshot 2017-07-22 at 8.37.23 PM.png

…NYX Full Coverage concealer. I have no idea if this is even comparable to NARS, but I am apparently drawn to pot concealers at the moment. I am currently using Maybelline Face Studio, which I like. It is almost gone and I repurchased the NYX HD concealer already. I may still check this out.

Screenshot 2017-07-22 at 8.33.54 PM

Last weekend, I did wedding makeup, and the bride had a stunning jar of Jane Iredale powder in her bag. I would like to explore this brand more and try the Amazing Base mineral powder, especially since it has sunscreen in it. I really want to find a powder with a sunscreen in it that I can refresh during the day.

If you have tried any of these products or have other recommendations, leave them in the comments! 🙂

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