NARS Malibu Multiple

NARS Multiples are probably one of the most well-known and popular products out there, especially when it comes to the brand. With a price tag of $39 a pop, they aren’t exactly an impulse buy, and rather something to be researched. My first NARS Multiple was a mini of the cult classic “Orgasm”, which I found on eBay. As much as I love it, I don’t see myself purchasing the large size since it takes A LOT to show up on my skin. Malibu is a better fit for me, as it is a deep rosy plum color.

The Multiples are handy because it is an all-in-one product for eyes, lips, and cheeks. I don’t see myself ever wearing Malibu on my eyes, but did dab it on my lips for a nice flush. On the lips, it is a little drying and definitely not moisturizing, so applying a balm first is a good idea.

I thought that Malibu would be a little similar to some of the shades listed above, but as you can see it is quite a bit darker and not similar in shade compared to the others.

Application: These are super easy to apply since they are in stick form. I actually dab the stick on my cheek and spread the product with my ELF Studio foundation brush for a nice, natural flush.

Feel: Drying on the lips, but glides onto the skin easily.

Staying power: This is probably one of the biggest complaints I’ve seen with NARS Multiples. Depending on skin type, you may have to reapply in as little as two hours. Setting it with a translucent powder will help it stay longer.

Convenience and packaging: I LOVE the packing of NARS products since it is so chic and classy looking. While I love the matte velvet texture of the packaging, it does tend to attract dust, fingerprints, makeup, and other products quickly.

Price: It is steep as mentioned already, but I recommend trying a mini version if you can to determine whether or not you will like it. Also, a great alternative to the NARS Multiples are the NYC Blushable Creme Sticks. Yes, these are discontinued, but you may be able to find them at your local Dollar Tree right now!

And finally, here’s how Malibu looks on my skin. I have it on my cheeks and lips here.

Do you have any NARS Multiples?

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3 Responses to NARS Malibu Multiple

  1. Nicole says:

    Such a pretty colour! I love NARS packaging too!! 🙂

  2. ltbeautyblog says:

    Lovely colour. I have never tried any of the Multiple NARS products – think i will have to add some to my wish list

  3. Great color, I have one in South Beach which I love for travel, but I don’t like in on my lips so drying…

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