Milani Runway Eyes in Designer Browns

I was curious about Milani’s Runway Eyes palettes for quite some time, but due to the bold colors at my stores, I never purchased one. Then I saw the Designer Browns palette on sale at Kmart of all places, and decided to pick it up.

On Makeup Alley, these palettes have a 3.2 rating out of 75 reviews, which is a pretty mixed bag of opinions that evens out to an average review, and I can see why that is the case.

The price point of these shadows range from $5 to $8; the low end is definitely a sale price and in some places the price might even be more than the high end and cost around $9. For the drugstore, there are definitely better shadow options at lower price points (like Wet ‘n’ Wild).

Application: The shadows come in a square box with six strips of shadows; the shadows are raised from the box and quite close to each other, so it is easy to hit the wrong shade. Definitely use with care to avoid that during application. They aren’t very pigmented and they crumble easily, but are easy enough to get on the lid.

Feel: These are very silky; I don’t think people with oily lids would enjoy this shadow.

Staying power: It’s not good, peeps! I wore this with ELF Eyelid Primer (which is a surprisingly good primer) and it just would not stay on. After an hour of wear, I had a wash of slight shimmer left over. I’m thinking a paint pot might help the situation more, but haven’t tested that yet.

Convenience and packaging: I like the packaging of these eyeshadows. The square makes it easy for travel and easy to store. The way the product is placed in the pan doesn’t make it very convenient to apply, unfortunately. I have also read that these break easily, but I haven’t done any drop tests on mine!

Price: The price is not unreasonable, but your money is best spent elsewhere. If a friend has this shadow, try theirs first to see how you like it.

It’s a shame these shadows don’t stay on, because I do like the color range, particularly the pinks!

See what I mean? It looks like I’m only wearing mascara, and this was an hour and a half after application. For a neutral eyeshadow palette, the Wet ‘n’ Wild Comfort Zone palette is cheaper and a much more pigmented palette.

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1 Response to Milani Runway Eyes in Designer Browns

  1. I have one of these palettes, too. The colors are great but they don’t stay on either! I would never recommend these shadows to anyone lol

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