L’Oreal Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer

In the past year, I’ve really enjoyed trying different primers, whether through samples or my own purchases. My favorite primer is Benefit POREfessional, especially since I can wear it alone with powder and be ready to go! I was curious about the Magic Lumi primer from L’Oreal and decided to give it a whirl. This is supposed to be a dupe for Lancome Éclat Miracle highlighter.

This primer can easily double as a highlighter, as it is quite shimmery. I actually think it works a lot better as a highlighter rather than a primer. For me, putting this under my foundation as a primer was just too much shine. It is lovely when a little bit is mixed in with foundation though, which is how a lot of Makeup Alley members seem to be wearing it.

Out of the tube, Magic Lumi is a shimmery white primer that is consistent with the texture of other highlighters, like Tarte Glowlight (pictured in pink above), and Benefit High Beam. It is easy to apply and has the slightest feel of tackiness, which doesn’t hinder application.

Application: Very easy! This stuff just glides onto the skin and is incredibly easy to blend.

Feel: Silky with the slightest bit of tackiness. Some people may not even notice it. I did see one blog compare it to a watered down Elmer’s glue, which is a pretty good comparison, though not a deal breaker!

Staying power: Since this is a primer and the job is to make products stay on the face longer, this was not the best in my humble opinion.

Convenience and packaging: I love the packaging for Magic Lumi. It has a beautiful white tube with pink lettering and a pink pump; also, the pump is a bonus. I love products with pumps because they are so sanitary.

Price: This ranges from $10-$13, which is not unreasonable for a highlighter. For a primer, I don’t think this is a good price because it doesn’t hold makeup well, at least not for me. That said, L’Oreal is on sale quite often, so it shouldn’t be hard to find at a lower price point.

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