MAC Constructivist Paint Pot Versus Maybelline Rich Mahogany Color Tattoo

The limited edition paint pots from Maybelline’s Fall 2012 collection are causing quite the stir in the beauty community, particularly the ones that appear to be dupes of some popular MAC colors. Maybelline Color Tattoos are the drugstore equivalent to MAC Paint Pots, with Maybelline having a bigger selection of colors and MAC having mostly nude shades.

I decided to compare Rich Mahogany and Constructivist, and throw in the Bad to the Bronze Color Tattoo as another comparison within this shade family. Clearly, Bad to the Bronze is more golden and brighter than the other two. In the pot, Constructivist looks lighter and more coppery than Rich Mahogany, which appears to be a deeper brown.

In the bright sun, all swatches appear to be quite similar, but that is not the case on the lid. You can also see here how Rich Mahogany is patchy. This is with a few swipes to get the swatch; the first swipe was extremely patchy and a lot more difficult to blend onto the skin compared to Constructivist.

Here are the swatches in the shade. Rich Mahogany is more shimmery and has a rather slippery texture compared to the other Color Tattoos. Constructivist simply glides on. I was quite excited for fall’s limited edition Color Tattoos, but unfortunately Rich Mahogany does not live up to the other shades in the line since it is patchy. It isn’t impossible to blend, but the quality is not as good compared to the original line up. That said, for the price range of $5-$7 depending on where you shop, compared to $18.50 for MAC Paint Pots, it’s hard to complain about something that lasts so long and can be worked with!

Which do I prefer? I prefer Constructivist, but love my other Color Tattoos and know I will get use out of Rich Mahogany.

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