MAC Pure Zen Lipstick

MAC Pure Zen is the only lipstick I purchased from the Marilyn Monroe collection. It’s not incredibly unique, but it sure is pretty! Described as a “frosted warm nude”, I was a little afraid of the “frost” part. I always associate frost finish with my grandma, the queen of lipstick! This lipstick is now part of MAC’s permanent line, so if you missed out on the MM collection, you can still get this one if you like it! This lipstick was originally part of the earlier MAC release, Cremesheen + Pearl, an Asian inspired collection.

The packaging on this lipstick is just too cute! I love the little lip print inside of the cap. I don’t usually save packaging, but for the MM collection, I just had to!

Application: This lipstick glides on smoothly; if your lips tend to be dry, applying a balm before this will allow for better application. It’s cooling down for the year here, and I need to do this with most lip products in the winter.

Feel: Pure Zen is comfortable on the lips. I didn’t notice it as much as some other lipstick formulas!

Price: $15 at MAC; $16.50 for MM collection.

Color: What can I say? I love a good nude lip color and this one is no exception. It’s a beautiful peachy pink and very light and fresh; it has just enough hint of color to be a step above some of the more intense nudes.

Overall, I adore Pure Zen and am so glad this shade is permanent! What do you think of this color? Do you have it? Do you like it?

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