Laura Gellar Glow Box!

This week I went to my local Ulta since I had a 20% off everything coupon, and picked up this very pretty Laura Gellar Glow Box. This box is $19.50 and comes with a brush, highlighter, and pink all over face powder. Both products are baked. This is actually a very versatile beauty item and I am glad I took a chance on it, as the Ethereal Rose powder is just too pretty. The powder was made in Italy, while the rest of the unit was made in China.

The powders come in a pink box that opens up to reveal a good sized mirror, and the product, side by side. The powder is bigger than the highlighter, and both are very pigmented and soft. There is a small drawer underneath the powder that houses a small brush.

Laura Gellar’s take (from QVC):

Brush ethereal rose baked radiance face powder all over face in place of foundation, or over your favorite base for a smooth, healthy-looking glow. Or, try it as one of the most subtle blushes ever. To light up your eyes, brush the highlighter along the top of your cheekbone and on your brow bone. Fluff some across your forehead for added freshness, or down your nose for a slimming effect.

My experience:

This is definitely worth getting if you want a look that brightens your whole face. On my first use, I applied it as an all over face powder. With the highlighter, this was a little too much shimmer for me, but it did brighten my complexion; I would wear the look again to a party. I would also wear the pink powder alone for a minimal makeup look. On my second use, I used Ethereal Rose as a blush and loved how subtle it was. The brush is decent quality as well; while I wouldn’t use it for all over application, I liked using it with the highlighter.


  • Incredible colors
  • Long lasting
  • Pigmented and soft
  • Brightens complexion
  • Comes with a brush


  • Box is too bulky for travel

I’m happy with my purchase and see myself getting a lot of wear out of this duo!

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