MAC Perfectly Plush Brush Kit: Advanced

MAC’s holiday collection, Glamour Daze, is now available and it’s a bit mind boggling just how huge it is! This brush set is actually from the “Primped Out” line and is one of three brush sets. The brushes sets retail for $49.50; considering most MAC brushes are quite expensive (for example, the 217 brush included here is $23), this is a good opportunity to try several brushes at once. That breaks down to $9.90 per brush if you don’t include the travel case.

The brushes come with an adorable leopard print case that is pink and black, with some lace detailing inside of it. There is also a handy snapped compartment on the left side that is quite spacious, and could hold makeup or other brushes. I’m looking forward to traveling with this case, as I always worry about my brushes being damaged as they bounce around in transit!

Brushes included:

239SE- eye shader brush
212SE- flat definer brush
217SE- blending brush
168SE- large angled contour brush
167SE- bronzer brush

The bristles are incredibly soft, and a very pale pink color. They are shorter than standard size brushes , so if you like brushes with long handles, these might not be for you. Personally, I adore these brushes and am very pleased with them. I already have the full-size 217 brush and am happy to have another for travel, and as a back up!

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6 Responses to MAC Perfectly Plush Brush Kit: Advanced

  1. Oh man now I have to check these out…I like short brushes for when I do my makeup without my contacts on…gotta get reeeeally close to the mirror and long handles are not my friends 😉

  2. luchessa says:

    Ok you got my attention 😛

  3. Marcella says:

    I read other reviews teeling this is a suck… i have already bought it..i think people love talk badly about things..

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