Khroma Beauty In the Nude Lip Set

The Kardashian sisters’ latest venture is starting to hit the shelves: Khroma Beauty! I’m not a huge fan of them myself, but think their makeup is always pretty and fresh. I first saw their line at Kmart a few weeks ago, and now it seems they are popping up at more places, like Meijer (the brand is also considerably cheaper at Meijer than it is at Kmart, especially the mascara). It will be interesting to see if this brand lasts. They’ve had continued success with their polish lines, and my first impression of the makeup line is very good!

The In the Nude lip set includes a lipstick, lip liner, and lip gloss packaged with a rose gold and white color scheme. The colors in this set all coordinate and can be worn separately or together. I tried out all three together, which I read was the intention of this set.

Personally, I feel that this is a bit overboard, especially the lip gloss over the lipstick. The lip gloss does not look good with just the lip liner. The lip liner is a gorgeous color, but I would much have preferred just a large tube of lipstick and no liner, because I don’t feel that liners are very necessary with colors like this.

The lip gloss smells like actual honey; this scent may turn off some wearers, but I didn’t have a problem with it, especially since it fades with some wear.

I actually really love this set and am considering a back up of it! If you LOVE nude lips like I do and don’t wear vibrant colors on the lips often, you will likely love this set. It’s a gorgeous, honey nude shade that will look great on people with many skin colors and types. The lipstick is my favorite part of this set.


  • Beautiful color
  • Attractive packaging
  • Three products in one kit
  • Affordable – $15
  • Color works for all types of people


Have you seen these sets at all? Do you think this brand will stick around?


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4 Responses to Khroma Beauty In the Nude Lip Set

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  2. What is the wear like? Does it last on the lips a good amount of time?

    Just bought this is blackberry honey & wildflower honey as a Mother’s Day gift for my mom

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