Wet ‘n’ Wild Ultimate Brow Kit in Ash

If you’ve been reading this blog, you have likely noticed my fondness for the MAC Impeccable Brow Pencil in Taupe, which sadly discontinued! Yes, I’ll admit to having two back ups of this pencil, but I’ve also been looking for a similar color to this pencil as well for when it’s gone completely. I go through brow products quickly since I use them every day, and I’ve heard great things about this Wet ‘n’ Wild Ultimate Brow Kit.

The kit comes in two shades: Ash and Dark Brown. I purchased Ash, as I’ve found that some brown shades tend to be too warm for my face and coloring. The kit contains two powders, tweezers, a small brush, and wax. The tweezers are pretty useless for plucking; however, they’ll do in a pinch. They’re also good for applying false lashes.

I have been using the darkest shade for my brows in this kit, and it is such a close match to my beloved MAC pencil! I prefer using pencils to do my brows for better control; however, I’ve been using a Real Techniques accent brush (from the eye kit) to apply the powder and it allows for just as much control as the pencil, if not more. I actually use the little brush in the kit to apply the wax after to set my brows in place for the day.

Left to right: MAC Taupe pencil followed by the two WNW brow kit shades

One thing I worried about with this kit was the lasting power of a powder, but this actually stays on my brows from the minute I put it on until I wash it off at night, which is sometimes 12 hours or longer! You also cannot beat the price on this kit: $3.99 at drugstores and convenience stores. I’m definitely a fan! Dare I say with more use that this could replace my adoration of the MAC pencil?

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5 Responses to Wet ‘n’ Wild Ultimate Brow Kit in Ash

  1. I’ve also heard good things about the elf brow set but I’ve never tried it…I’m in a stage of trying out a few different brow things myself. I used fling from Mac for a long time and then realized the cost didn’t go with how fast I was going thru it. Recently I’ve tried define-a-brow by mabelline, chestnut brown by sephora, and medium ash by Anastasia. They’re all nice so I’m not sure what I’m going to do next.haha

    • MelissaC says:

      The ELF brow kit is okay…It has a dark wax and light powder. It is warmer than this kit. I actually just ordered a different shade on the website, so we’ll see how that one goes!

  2. As always let us know how it goes! Brow stuff is so dang tricky…nobody wants to look like they’ve used sharpies 😉

    Also I nominated you for the lovely blog award over on my..blog. Always fun chitchating with you and making me lust over various products! I liked my post below!


  3. another great post! i use wet n wild as my every day brow pencil. i use the wet n wild color icon pencil in taupe and that one is great too. i don’t know if you’ve tried that and how it compares to mac but its a perfect color match for my brow hair color

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