JewelMint Honey Bee Ring


When I first started this blog, I had intentions to also write about fashion and jewelry, as I am a total clotheshorse and absolutely adore accessories. Now, I’m finally getting around to that intention and sharing a ring I purchased recently from JewelMint.

The way JewelMint works is similar to some of the other monthly subscription boxes. There’s a fee every month ($29.99) which earns you a credit for one piece of jewelry that pops up in your showroom, which is based on the quiz you take during sign-up. That said, you are welcome to look at everything, but they make recommendations too. You can also skip the month as well, so you are not obligated to make a purchase if you do not like the current showroom or items available.

I had been a member of JewelMint last year, but cancelled since I didn’t see myself using it much. I purchased two items before cancelling, one of which was during a sign-up promo. As it turns out, the item I purchased during that promo is a ring I wear nearly every day! This year JewelMint had an awesome promotion during the new year on rings, so I decided to sign up again.

One of my purchases was the Honey Bee Ring (not a referral link), which is currently sold out, but you can get on a waitlist for it. There is currently a coupon code at JewelMint (referral link) where you can get 70% off your first piece with the code 70First. I like JewelMint and usually shop when there is a good coupon out there. I even got surprised with a free credit this month, which was nice!


Nothing adds a sweeter edge than this 1 ¼” wide honeybee bauble. Our ring has caught the buzz with a Y shank and an oxidized gold-plated finish. Prove that you’re the season’s reigning queen of style with an opulent embellishment of burgundy colored crystals. Wear this piece snug as a bug and pair it with other whimsical gems for a naturally bee-utiful look.

This ring caught my eye because I have a small collection of unique and unusual costume jewelry rings, and my first name, Melissa, actually means “honey bee”. Plus, I love giant rings and this one is quite large across the face, but not over the top. I love the look of the brushed brass, and the sparkles add a nice touch as well. The bee itself is sturdily melded onto the ring; I wasn’t sure if it was going to be flimsy or not, but it demonstrates a nice amount of strength and fit. It is also very comfortable on the finger and the bee doesn’t get stuck on my clothes, purse, or anything I might be carrying.  I love this ring and see myself wearing it often!

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One Response to JewelMint Honey Bee Ring

  1. luchessa says:

    looks cute 🙂 are you pairing it with any earrings?

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