My NARS Eyeshadow Singles


Oh, NARS. Why do you have to be so wonderful? From the sleek packaging to the lovely pigmentation, these eyeshadows are always up front in my beauty arsenal. I have five NARS shadow singles, one trio, and one six pan. Today I’m showing you the singles as these are my favorites. Unfortunately these shadows are quite expensive ($24), but make for an occasional splurge.

I have five shades: 413 BLKR, Ondine, Mekong, Baby Girl, and Coconut Grove.


Top photo:

Coconut Grove: A dark and neutral brown, almost leaning cool.
Mekong: Dark brown with gold shimmer.

Bottom photo:

413 BLKR: Described as “dove gray” by NARS; it is a lavender leaning taupe.
Baby Girl: Candy pink with gold flecks.
Ondine: Plum with gold shimmer.

My first NARS shadow was Ondine. From what I have read, this shadow and how it performs on the lid really depends on your coloring. Some people find it looks like a bruise. I did not have this problem and actually quite like this shade. It’s pretty worn alone, but I love to amp up the gold shimmer with some MAC Reflects Gold glitter.


Left to right: Coconut Grove, Ondine, 413 BLKR, Mekong, Baby Girl

My favorite of the bunch is 413 BLKR. This color is my holy grail eyeshadow! It just works wonders with my hazel eyes, and since it is a cool shade it works perfectly with my complexion. It brightens them and I can easily use this shade for every day looks or for dramatic night looks too. If I could only wear one eyeshadow for the rest of my life, this would be it! Can you even believe I’m saying that? Do you KNOW how much I love eyeshadow? That is a high compliment. Unfortunately, there are only two places you can purchase this shade: at the website, and in NYC at their Bleeker Street shop.

The most versatile shade is Coconut Grove. I haven’t tried using this in my brows yet, but this shade (at least for me) could easily be used as a brow powder and eyeliner in addition to a shadow. I have used it as a liner and it stayed all day long, despite misty, rainy weather.

On a whole, these shadows perform amazingly. They are long wearing with or without primer, they don’t crease, and they are incredibly easy to blend. I highly recommend trying out at least one!

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5 Responses to My NARS Eyeshadow Singles

  1. Luchessa says:

    *Dabs her finger in Coconut Grove*

  2. Holy! These are so pigmented. Great swatches

  3. I have hazel eyes and I tend to go for shadows that color. I will have to check it out!

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