Just in Time For Valentine’s Day: Urban Decay Lickable Body Powder


Ooh-la-la! Lickable body powder? Actually, it’s “Sparkling Lickable Body Powder” in the delicious flavor of Marshmallow. Sometimes it’s nice to have just a fun product that makes you feel a little sexy, right? Factor in the shimmer and taste, add a little bit of the fragrance, and this loose powder might just brighten up your spirits after a long day, or help you get ready for date night!

Currently, this is available for $12 on Urban Decay’s website in two scents: Marshmallow and Honey. Marshmallow is delightfully sweet and not obnoxious on the skin in terms of the sparkle factor. Thanks to the handy powder puff it comes with, I can easily sweep this across my neck and décolleté for some nice shimmer.


As you can see here, the powder is finely milled and not chunky. It is colorless on the skin and doesn’t look like a glitter bomb exploded everywhere. One great thing about this powder is that it isn’t messy as loose powders tend to be.  I like to hold the puff over the container holes and it gets just enough on there for use.


This is a heavy swatch; you can see how pretty the shimmer is. This can easily be buffed out for something more subtle. And how about the taste? My husband is a fan of this powder; with some light smooches it tastes just like marshmallows. *Blushing over here!* Even if you don’t use it for the taste, Marshmallow makes for a beautiful highlight if used subtly. I actually find this product very versatile! This used to come in a variety of flavors; hopefully Urban Decay will bring more of them back in the future.

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2 Responses to Just in Time For Valentine’s Day: Urban Decay Lickable Body Powder

  1. satine89 says:

    haha, super funny idea!

  2. These have been out a long time! They used to have a cinnamon one, too.

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