Saturday Shopping: Thrift Store Clothing Haul!


Hello! I hope you’re having a lovely Saturday! It is a beautiful day here. Warm (almost 30!) and really bright and sunny. I feel like I haven’t seen the sun in ages, so this is really cheering me up! Since my hubby’s soccer team was playing today, I decided to go out and do some shopping. I didn’t buy much, but I like to just walk around and look around at stuff for fun sometimes. On my way home, I went to The Salvation Army to check out the clothes.

Originally I was going to do a post about how you can easily buy an entire outfit for $20 or less at a thrift store, but everything I purchased today was less than $20 total, so I’ll just show you what I bought!

1- Striped cardigan ($3.50)- I love these colors! I wear cardigans all the time; pretty much every day. It is a rare occasion that I’m not wearing one. To me, it is the perfect item of clothing because it literally goes with everything. This one I will probably wear with a white dress underneath and some chunky jewelry.

2- Black and red floral skirt ($3.50)- I absolutely LOVE this skirt! The bottom is kind of structured so that it poofs out a bit, like there’s a petticoat underneath.

3- Blue plaid Western style shirt ($1.75)- Another thing I’ll probably wear with a cardigan…I don’t really have any shirts like this since I mostly wear dresses. It has really cute white enameled buttons too.

4- Pink and white striped shirt ($2.50)- This is a little big on me but again, I was imagining it with a skirt and a cardigan, and a big, colorful scarf and of course huge earrings!

5- Pink jacket ($5)- This looks totally frumpy on the hanger, but I just could not pass this up. It is a little big on top, but I might get it altered if I can. If I can get it restructured on the sides (taken in a bit), this is going to be adorable with a bit of shape to it.

Total clothing price: $16.25. I am really passionate about dressing well, and truly believe that even if you can’t spend a lot, you can still look put together. Going to the thrift store is just one of many ways you can do this! All of these clothes are in like new condition. It takes a little digging, but it is possible to find cute stuff with even the smallest budget. 🙂

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