My Wedding Makeup


I got married in 2006 (I was 25 at the time). Looking back, I would do so many things differently with what I wore/hair/makeup, but I can’t say that I really regret anything about my wedding (except the photographer…but that is another story). At the time I was not into makeup as much as I am now. I wore it and liked it, but it was a very simple routine.

My BFF and I had a couple of trial runs; she was the one working on me for some different looks. I wanted “old Hollywood glamour”. One day while we were working on looks, my husband came home and was horrified because he thought I looked “too made up”. Ultimately, I didn’t stray much from my every day routine when the big day arrived!


The photo above (not the greatest…scanned from a film camera!) is of my dad and I before the wedding. Film cameras, as you can see, do absolutely nothing for what the skin actually looks like, but this shot does show my lip color pretty well. I can’t believe I wore a red lip! I believe this was in the Revlon Colorstay line; my mom recommended it because I wanted something that would stay all day.

A big factor in my wedding makeup being simple was knowing that I would be crying a lot. I didn’t want to deal with makeup running all over my face, dress, or other people. Besides the lip gloss, here’s what else I wore:

Smashbox Photo Ready Primer
Cover Girl Clean Pressed Powder
Diorshow Mascara in Black
Clear mascara for brows

That is literally ALL I wore!


This photo is after the wedding; my sister in law is on the left (my right!), and my little sister is on the right (my left!). As you can see, the lip color is mostly gone already, and I was so busy that I literally did not touch up my makeup at all except for a powder touch up in the van on the way to the reception!

Even though looking back I’m not a huge fan of the photos, I was really happy on my wedding day and of course it was the most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding (A LOT of people tell me that as well, who were guests!). 🙂 The best part is of course spending my life with my amazing guy!

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