Simplifying a Wardrobe: Where to Begin?


So. I have been reading  a lot about building a classic wardrobe with versatile mix and match pieces, and I’ve also been scouring fashion blogs, mostly thrifty ones and ones that revolve around shopping your own wardrobe. Inspired by these concepts, I decided to take a full inventory of what is currently in my closet, and I have to admit the final tally was a bit shocking to me.

I went through tops, tanks, dresses, pants, t-shirts, and some “miscellaneous” type items, and these are the final numbers:

Blazers and light coat styles – 8
Hoodies and fleece tops- 3
Vests- 2
Jeans- 1 pair
T-shirts- 4
Petticoat (for under dresses and skirts) – 1 and it’s vintage and amazing
Golf skort- 1
Workout pants -2

Pretty modest so far, right? Just wait…here’s where it gets ridiculous.

Cardigan sweaters and a few random style sweaters- 25
Tank tops (a few casual but mostly dressier for under cardigans) – 22
Regular tops (button downs, other styles) -15
Skirts- 18

Okay, not terrible yet. This might be normal. But look what’s next:

Dresses- SEVENTY.

Yes, I am living in a world of one pair of pants and seventy dresses. In my defense, some of these dresses I have had for years. I wear a dress almost every day paired with a cardigan and a pair of tights. I love dresses and it’s a good thing my closet isn’t bigger because I would probably have more! Actually, I DID have more. I just purged my closet maybe a month or so ago.

On one hand, I want to be that brilliant person who has a modestly sized wardrobe with classic pieces that can easily mix and match. It would simplify my life, right? I probably wouldn’t spend ten years trying everything on before wearing it. I could just grab it and go. On the other hand, I feel like I would get bored with it despite having a million accessories to mix things up.

I need to get more creative with my closet and mix and match pieces better, but I also need to build on getting some classic pieces. There are 172 pieces of clothing in my closet. Seriously! I don’t even know where to go with that but I definitely want to purge some more and try things on to determine what fits the best.

To be continued…

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2 Responses to Simplifying a Wardrobe: Where to Begin?

  1. twiggymoli says:

    I feel the exact same way as you except I don’t have as many dresses. I sometimes feel like I need to start a fresh and get new basics and essentials now that I have seen that ’50 Classics’ sheet! eek!

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