MAC Party Parrot Lipstick!


Up front, let me apologize for the poor quality of this first photo; again, I’m the victim of no sunlight and mostly take photos in natural light for color accuracy. 🙂 Anyway, this is MAC Party Parrot! Originally released with the Iris Apfel collection, this was repromoted with the Strength collection. I don’t usually go for colors this bright, but it just looked so beautiful in swatches that I decided to go for something more bold and unique than what I usually wear.

PP4Application: This is a matte finish lipstick and very opaque! One swipe is all you need; maybe some touch ups if your lips are on the drier side (like mine, especially this time of year). It doesn’t catch on the lips. It doesn’t bleed either.

Feel: For a matte, this is surprisingly not drying. I didn’t have any problems with it looking cracked or cakey.

Color: This is a bright coral pink- VERY bright. It will most likely look different depending on your skin tone, the pigmentation in your lips, and lighting.

Staying Power: I wore this for six hours and it only had minor fading; during that time I was talking a lot and also drank a bottle of water toward the end of the time period, so I was impressed with the staying power.

Price: $15 at MAC- you may want to check counters and website restocks to see if this color is available.


I swatched this in comparison to some other lipsticks, but as you can see none of these are even close to being similar to Party Parrot!


A word of advice: you WILL get stared at when you wear this lipstick. It probably didn’t help that I was tagging along with my hubby in an outdoors sporting goods shop while taking this lipstick for a test drive of course, but it’s just that bright! I really like it and it is totally unique compared to my other lipsticks.

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5 Responses to MAC Party Parrot Lipstick!

  1. addercatter says:

    I am in love with that color!!! Kat

  2. satine89 says:

    I’ve head of it before and..what can I say? Love the color. I may buy it! ❤

  3. Love Party Parrot along with Pink Pigeon!:)

  4. that looks awesome on you!

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