JewelMint Turquoise Temple Ring


Are you ready for spring and summer yet? I am so anxious for those warmer months to get here so I can break out the bright colors and keep my coats in the closet! Luckily for now, this new ring from JewelMint will suffice when it comes to getting some sunshine in my life! Just look at that bright yellow! 🙂

More photos after the jump!



From the vibrant yellow and turquoise colors to the cylindrical shape, everything about the ring screams that it was plucked from the ’60s. Bright and fun, it’s a great piece to pair with a color blocked oufit, or even if you’re feeling bold enough to mix patterns and prints. About the Ring: 3/4″ x 3/4″ rounded square ring design.

If you’re someone who is allergic to different metals, this would be a great ring for you because this piece is acrylic. This ring is also very lightweight despite having a large face, so if you like large rings and don’t want the weight, you may like this.


I really like how the textures play together on this ring. The turquoise gem is faceted, and I like the transition from the top of it down to the gold tiers.

If you know how JewelMint works, each product is $30 (or more in some cases). There are usually coupon codes floating around though, and you can play some games on Facebook to redeem “mints” for coupon codes. Right now there is a code for new members where you can get your first piece for $9 with the code PIECE8. For existing members, there have been several codes lately to take advantage of, so I wouldn’t recommend paying full price unless you REALLY love something, especially for a piece like this one that is composed of mostly plastic and a small bit of metal.

If you decide to purchase from JewelMint, I would love if you used my referral link! I am really happy with all of my JewelMint purchases so far, most of which have been rings!


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