Lorac Evening Out Complexion Kit Review and Swatches


The Lorac Evening Out kit ($38)  is “an all-in-one, easy-to-use complexion perfection kit that’s ideal for all skin types.” This kit comes with a powder and two concealers, as well as a powder puff for easy application, and a little concealer brush. I purchased this on HauteLook some time ago and have a few thoughts about it, especially since the reviews for this product tend to be raves!


Whether you’re in the mood for an evening out, or just “eveningout” your skin, this all-in-one, quick and easy-to-use complexion perfection kit has you covered.

Featuring two creamy concealers, one silky smooth powder foundation, and all the tools to complete your look (puff, concealer brush, mirror), LORAC’s Evening Out compact fits easily into any day or evening bag for touchups on the go.

Does this product sound like a dream? I seriously thought it was going to be some kind of miracle worker powder. Let’s just say that I am happy that I didn’t actually spend $38 on this little kit. While it works just fine, it is not holy grail material, or even much to swoon over. I hate sounding so negative, so if you think this is going to be a big long rant, don’t fear! There are things I like about the Evening Out kit.

Let’s talk about packaging. This little compact looks chic and sleek thanks to the mirroring, but it is thick and bulky. Still, it is very lightweight. The mirrored finish does attract fingerprints and a lot of smudging, so if that drives you crazy, this isn’t the product for you. That said, everything fits in here nicely, but it seems like the packaging could be smaller somehow.


Now for the powder! If you can tell, it used to have “LORAC” stamped in the middle of it, but I already wore that off with use. The powder is very silky and provides good coverage. It evens out smoothly, but it is also easy to over apply it because it is quite powdery. It is very easy to blend as well, and blending is needed to avoid looking cakey. With all that said, I am not a fan of this powder because it is way too light for me. I have a serious case of Casper happening with this shade, unfortunately. I may try this out with a bronzer to see if that helps. The texture of this powder is similar to Milani’s Multitasker powder and Benefit Hello Flawless powder. I prefer Maybelline Dream Matte powder over all three of these.


The concealers are the hit of this little kit. I like the consistency of these; not too thick, not too thin, and easy to blend. The color selection is nice as well, especially that peach one! It’s a great match for my skin tone. The concealer is highly blendable; however, the coverage is a bit sheer. I don’t mind that because I don’t have much to conceal, but those who need heavy concealer would


Swatches of all three: powder, then the two concealers.

What do you think of this kit? Have you tried it before?

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