First Impressions and Swatches: Benefit Fake Up Concealer


Hello and happy Saturday to you! This is going to be just a quick post with some first impressions of Benefit’s new concealer: Fake Up. Now, to be fair I am only giving these first impressions based on a sample card from Sephora, and only used this product once, but it was enough for me to make a decision on whether or not I would purchase the full-size. My concealing needs are very minimal. I have under eye circles and am pretty lazy about concealing them usually. My favorite concealer for under eye circles is MAC Pro Longwear concealer. Also, it should be noted that I am very lazy about concealing those under eye circles. 🙂 Anyway, onto some more photos and a first impressions review!


Fake Up comes in three shades: Light, Medium, and Dark, so there’s really not much of a shade variety here, which will be a con for some. I used the shade medium when testing this out. Fake Up is $24 and comes in a stick form. I actually prefer concealer to be in stick form because it is so easy to use, so that is a huge plus. Still, if you look at promo images of the product like the one above, you can see that the product only comes out of the center of the tube.-EDIT: Thank you to Meredith who confirmed that the white part is a balm surrounding the concealer!! I’m not sure if this would make it better/worse for wear.


Cover-up goes incognito. This moisturizing crease-control concealer with vitamin E and apple seed extract hides dark circles and diffuses fine lines for a silky smooth, ultranatural look. Available in three shades, it’s proven to keep skin hydrated for six hours and won’t cake, crease, or settle.

It’s not making any promises for longevity here, but mostly claims to give good hydration. I think that is true since this product is slippery to the touch and extremely easy to blend; it almost feels a bit greasy. I don’t think those with extremely oily skin would like this concealer because of that.


Full sun swatches: Light, medium, and dark.


Swatches in the shade, same order.

I used the medium shade to conceal under eye circles. While the color was a decent match, the product did not cover my circles and I also felt like I had no control over it when applying due to how slippery it is! This did settle into lines under my eyes, but to be fair those lines are pretty deep (always have been on me), so most products do on me.

Here are some tidbits from Sephora reviews that I found helpful, both good and bad:

  • “I can honestly say this is one of the worst concealers I have ever used. It’s such a bizarre texture and feel. It left a “wet” look after I applied it. Very greasy and offered me very minimal coverage.”
  • “It’s a bit pricey for that less coverage… However, I have a sensitive skin and this product doesn’t irritate my skin, and it doesn’t crease.”
  • “This concealer is definitely creamy and and easy to apply. But it is TOO creamy, almost greasy. I applied it and the area under my eye looked wet and shiny. The concealer also did not hide ANY of my circles. I guess it would be good for someone who doesn’t really have dark circles, maybe just a little shadow from a night’s lack of sleep.”
  • “This is an amazing concealer! It illuminates and brightens my under eye area and has a natural glowy finish. A little goes a long way.”
  • “It felt so smooth to the touch and applied on great. What makes it even more brilliant, is the accuracy it brings. Most concealers you would need to pile on because upon blending, it fades. But this one, blending it on skin doesn’t make the make-up fade. It spreads it perfectly.”
  • “I’ve needed concealer virtually my whole life due to hereditary dark circles. As I crossed into my forties, I found that everything settled into the creases that turned up with middle age. Everything I tried, drew attention to them within hours…….until now. This is my third day using Fake Up, and it’s the absolute best thing I’ve found! Not only does it cover nicely, it also gives my eyes a nice dewy look, and never “settles”. I am in love.”

While I most likely won’t be purchasing this product, it might be good for those with dry skin and those who don’t have a lot of covering to do. I definitely recommend getting a sample first to test it out.  It IS hydrating, but I had a hard time working with it on my skin.

What do you think? Will you try this out?

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9 Responses to First Impressions and Swatches: Benefit Fake Up Concealer

  1. thinacruz says:

    Is it me or the shades are a little orange for a concealer?

  2. Meredith says:

    It’s not that it just comes out the center of the tube, it’s like a core of concealer surrounded by a balm-like outside ring. I swatched it from the tube at Ulta the other day and the pigment is good but the balm makes it way to greasy for my oily skin.

    • MelissaC says:

      Thanks for this information…I’m going to update my post! 🙂

      • Meredith says:

        No problem! Sort of hard to tell from the picture. It might be good if your skin is super dry but even on my hand it was a bit of a mess. Sort of like trying to rub lip balm and heavy concealer together.

      • MelissaC says:

        Yes, that is a good description! Very slippery stuff!

  3. I find some of Benefit’s face stuff is hit or miss, though I do like Fine-One-One.

  4. I was going to buy this yesterday, but I didnt. Im glad I didnt now because id turn into an oil slick! Good reveiw! 🙂

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