Drugstore Eyeshadow Must Have: Maybelline Expert Wear Shadow in Linen


Hey everybody! I hope you’re having a great week so far! My day started out a bit crazy and frustrating thanks to cell phone drama woes, but all is fixed now (let’s just say I cannot WAIT to upgrade in June). Anyway, I have a drugstore eyeshadow to show you today that I consider an absolute must have. As an eyeshadow snob, I don’t take this lightly! 😉 That shade is from Maybelline’s Expert Wear Eyeshadow collection in the shade Linen.


Linen is a neutral light beige matte eyeshadow. There is a very slight hint of satin finish depending on who you talk to, but this is definitely not shimmery. For me, this is the perfect highlight shade, especially for the inner corners of my eyes to look a little more awake.

Why I prefer this shade over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (a commonly used inner corner highlight):

It is much easier to use a light eyeshadow than a heavily pigmented cream product, at least for me. I also notice that when I use Milk, it tends to get the pencil dirty and it doesn’t always look “clean” while on (likely a clumsy user error :D).

Why I prefer this shade over similar colors:

Linen is lighter than my skin and instantly brightens up my complexion with just a little dab. I use the applicator that’s in the pan because it is the perfect size for inner corners. This isn’t super pigmented, so I can’t apply too much. It’s not chalky and doesn’t have fallout either!


The lasting power is decent with this shadow. On its own with no primer, it will last most of the day; I might see some fading and do a touch up in the afternoon, but it isn’t completely necessary.


In swatches, you can really see how bright Linen is compared to the other highlighters. I use the rest of these shadows all the time; Phloof is usually a brow highlight, as is Virgin. Foxy blends so well that it is definitely not a highlight on me. Linen is SO brightening on my complexion that it is an absolute must have and holy grail product for me now!

This shadow is incredibly affordable, running between $2 and $4 at drugstores. I purchased mine for $2.24 at Meijer (Midwest convenience store chain), which is a total bargain.

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