Flower Beauty Lip Gloss in Baby’s Breath

BB3 After being incredibly disappointed in the L’Oreal Caresse glosses (you know, the YSL dupes), particularly the shade Pink Perseverance (which I threw in the garbage!), I decided to keep looking for that milky, pinky nude lip. Not wanting to shell out the big bucks for NARS Turkish Delight, I took the budget route with this lip gloss from Drew Barrymore’s line, Flower. The Shine On lip glosses promise “sheer-medium, buildable coverage, non-tacky, and long wear” that provide “pillow-like” softness to the lips.


The photo at right is just one coat of the Flower lip gloss in the shade LG2, Baby’s Breath.

Application: This is a pretty standard gloss that has a doe-foot applicator. It’s easy to apply, but because of the milky color, a mirror is necessary. No big deal there!

Feel: The texture is thin and it is not sticky at all. Those who loathe sticky lip glosses will probably love this gloss!

Color: I’m really happy with this color. It’s a milky pink and pretty opaque, unlike L’Oreal Pink Perseverance, which literally has no color whatsoever on me. I also think this will be a lovely layering gloss with my favorite lipstick, MAC Creme d’ Nude.

Scent: The gloss smells like flowers, which I don’t notice while it’s on my lips. I smelled it in the tube and am not a fan of floral scents at all! Luckily that isn’t a problem while wearing it.

Staying Power: Glosses tend to not last that long on me since I’m almost constantly drinking something, but when that isn’t a factor, this did have decent staying power in the range of a couple hours.

Price: $7 at Wal-Mart, the only place Flower products are sold. It won’t break the bank.


As you can see, it’s that nice, milky pink shade! It’s cool in tone as well, which I love. I have so many lipsticks that I can’t wait to try this over.


Overall, I’m pretty happy with it so far and would probably purchase another gloss in the line. Are they better than Revlon glosses? No, not in my book, but I do like this color!

Want to see how Baby’s Breath compares to NARS Turkish Delight? Check out this post from Ivory and Olive!

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