Rimmel ScandalEyes Kohl Kajal Eye Pencils


These new pencils from Rimmel have certainly taken the drugstore makeup world by storm, particularly the nude shade! I was the most excited about the taupe pencil, hoping it would be a good replacement for my beloved Urban Decay pencil in the shade Mushroom, that came with a set released during the holidays. They aren’t dupes, and that pencil is being made permanent. Still, for nearly $15 cheaper, these Rimmel pencils are worth looking into!


With a price tag of just $4-$5 range at most drugstores, these pencils are worth every penny! They are comparable to Stila’s kohl kajal pencils in texture and performance. While the Stila pencils may last longer, and Urban Decay’s do as well, Rimmel’s pencils hold up nicely. I now have five of these pencils (thank you 50% off sale at Walgreens)- Light Blue, Taupe, Nude, Black, and Navy Blue.

Let’s talk about the most desired pencil of the bunch: Nude. Is there another nude drugstore eye pencil? I can’t think of one, and higher end pencils will run in the $15 and up price range, like MAC’s Chromagraphic pencils and Tarte’s smaller waterline pencils (which I have).

On me, the nude pencil lasts about four hours in the waterline. I’ve read other blogs that have reported up to seven hours of wear. I wear contacts, so things disappear from my waterline rather quickly! I think this is decent for the price tag. The only thing that truly lasts all day in my waterline, from when I put it on to when I take it off, is Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner. I’m not expecting that from this pencil. Tarte’s inner rim pencil is $19 and lasts longer than the Rimmel pencil, BUT the Rimmel pencil is A LOT softer to apply.

The texture of the Rimmel pencils is comparable to Urban Decay eye liners. They simply glide on the lid and are very creamy. No pulling at the eyelid at all, which is what I prefer. If I have to tug and a pencil is hard to move across the lid, I will never use it again.


Since the pencils are so creamy, they take a little bit of time to set on the lid. Because of this, they are also easily smudgeable, which comes in handy for smoking out the black pencil.


Light Blue, Taupe, Nude

I feel like Rimmel is usually hit or miss, but these are definitely winners in my book! Have you tried these pencils?

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2 Responses to Rimmel ScandalEyes Kohl Kajal Eye Pencils

  1. Meredith says:

    I have the taupe, nude and black. Really like them all but taupe is my favorite. I agree that they feel just like the Urban Decay pencils when you’re applying them.

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