My Birthday MAC haul + First Trip!


Hello! I am so excited about this post that I could burst! So, with my recent birthday my husband really went all out with spoiling me this year for some reason. He is a GREAT guy and the best part of any gift from him is always the card! This year one of my birthday gifts was a very generous MAC gift card. Because we are in Chicago for the week, I actually got to go to the MAC store instead of shopping online or at the CCO. I don’t live near a counter or a store, so this was my first trip to an actual store!

We arrived on Sunday and my sweet hubby wanted to go to the store just to see my excitement, which is of course the cutest thing ever, right? Plus, he was there to encourage me to get something different than what I usually gravitate toward! My first pick was Something Special creme blush, but it was out of stock. THEN Candy Yum Yum was out of stock. In a happy accident, the gal working said she had another matte hot pink and it was the last one: Embrace Me from Fashion Sets, which is sold out everywhere! I took it as a sign and decided to go for it. After looking around more, I ended up getting Aquadisiac eyeshadow and So There Jade eyeliner, both of which are gorgeous! My husband called that round the “warm-up” so I could think about what else to get!


Crosswires, Embrace Me, Candy Yum Yum

The next day, I shopped along Michigan Avenue and went back to MAC to use the rest of my gift card! I ended up getting the BB cream, Soft and Gentle MSF, Cream Colour Concentrate in Shell (O.M.G.- Gorgeous), and Hip ‘n’ Happy lip pencil. I’m glad I asked about the BB cream, because I was totally going to get it i Light, but the gal working put a little bit on my face and Light Plus was a better match. She thought that Light and Extra Light would wash me out.


So There Jade, Crosswires, Embrace Me, Candy Yum Yum, Aquadisiac, Hip ‘n’ Happy

Everyone at the store was SO friendly and helpful, and it was fun to be in there and look at everything! This morning I went to Nordstrom and found Candy Yum Yum in stock. I swatched this three times before deciding to get it. Once on the first MAC trip, then on the second, then at Nordstrom last night. Finally, I went back to Nordstrom this morning on my way back from a gallery and went for it! It looks similar to Embrace Me in the swatches, but it is noticeably brighter in person.

This week has been such a refreshing break for me. I’m still working this week, but the time spent with my husband is much needed and much appreciated! Whenever he gives me something, I just cherish it because it is from him, and it doesn’t matter what it is. 🙂

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