NARS Gaiety & Desire Versus ELF Pink Passion


Hey everyone! Well, I’ve been back from Chicago for a few days, but it feels like I haven’t blogged in forever! Thanks to work stuff right now, I just don’t want to be on a computer due to how busy I’ve been, but I miss writing for fun! Today I have some blush comparisons for you of three cool toned pinks: NARS Gaiety, NARS Desire, and ELF Pink Passion.


Of these three blushes, my favorite is Desire. It is bright, blue-based pink that leans magenta. This is definitely in my top five blushes of all time! It is SO pigmented that just a little bit is needed. Once it’s on the skin, it is incredibly easy to blend for a nice, natural flush. At the same time, you can definitely go for a more intense look if you want.

NARS Gaiety is a lighter pink, and more cool-toned than Desire. It’s a typical bubble-gun pink shade. Again, it is pigmented, but I actually think Pink Passion from ELF is more pigmented than Gaiety. I need to build this one up a bit on my skintone.

ELF Pink Passion has been said to be a dupe for Desire, Gaiety, and Angelika (another NARS blush). It is definitely not a dupe for Desire or Gaiety, but is closest to Desire. The texture is not as smooth or finely milled as the NARS blushes, but it is very pigmented and you won’t have a problem getting color from this shade!


As you can see, the three shades are pretty different from each other, but Pink Passion and Gaiety have a similar vibe. With the NARS blushes now at $29 a pop, ELF is a more economical choice at $3 each.


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7 Responses to NARS Gaiety & Desire Versus ELF Pink Passion

  1. delina says:

    I like gaiety. I’d be too scared to try desire!

  2. wheetnee says:

    So pretty and matte!! I like pink passion and gaiety…sigh nars blushes = $$ haha

  3. Lacy says:

    Thank you so much for making this post, ive been torn between purchasing Nars gaiety or desire and couldnt find a swatch comparison anywhere! Also i love that you compared it to elfs pink passion, its almost a happy medium of the two colors! Thanks for saving me big bucks! Im def going to pick up elf over Nars!

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