Khroma Beauty Joystick in Sea Coral and Possible Dupe


Khroma Beauty has some new products out for spring. I don’t know what happened with their pending lawsuit, but it seems the line is still going strong as they have expanded. I’m happy to see that the nude set I love so much is still on display, along with these Joystick lipstick pencils, nail polish, lashes, and other items.

A little off the subject of the lipstick, but does anyone else think the pricing for this line is really sporadic? The nail polishes are $6-$8 (I’ve , the joystick lip pencils are $9, the makeup primer is $15-$20, and the honey stick lip glosses are $9. I am sure the Kardashians are using their fame to up the prices at least a little, but the prices just seem really random to me. Anyway…onto the lipstick!


Khroma joystick in Sea Coral, Buxom lipstick in Athens

The first thing I noticed when looking at the joysticks is that they seem to be a dupe for Buxom’s Big and Healthy lipsticks. They are in the same type of packaging, the same length, twist up the same way, the same size, and have the same application. I would say these are definitely dupes! Buxom promotes these as being a three in one product, but Khroma does not.


Sea Coral and Buxom Athens are very similar to each other; Athens is just a bit darker. They are clearly in the same color family. The finish of Sea Coral seems a little glossier than Athens. Like the Buxom lipsticks, the joysticks are scented. Buxom is mint scented and Khroma has a honey vanilla scent, but nothing overwhelming. It fades once applied. Buxom lipsticks also make my lips tingle due to the mint, but the Khroma joysticks don’t do that.


The pigmentation of Sea Coral is great and it glides on smoothly. I really like how it feels on my lips, as it’s non-drying. The color is so pretty, too! I am a sucker for these coral colors and love them in the summer.

The joysticks have a decent wear time. Don’t expect all day wear, but they will last at least a few hours or so, depending on what you are doing.

So are these worth the $9 price tag? Considering how close they are to Buxom’s lipsticks, I think this is a decent price, considering the Buxom ones are $19. I like Sea Coral and would purchase other shades besides the other one I have (Babydoll Pink). Buxom’s last longer and have sleeker, heavy duty packaging (metal container). Buxom’s lipsticks are also formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, so that is something to consider as well.

Have you tried these, or anything else from the Khroma beauty line?

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