MAC Parrot and Aquadisiac Versus NYX Lagoon Sparkle


MAC recently released a new collection (shocking, I know) called the Art of the Eye, and in this collection they re-released one of their most famous discontinued shades: Parrot. I was really excited to get this shadow, and as you can see I’ve already depotted it and housed it in my Z-Palette! 🙂 I decided to do a little comparison post with two other shadows in the blue-green family: MAC Aquadisiac, and NYX Lagoon Sparkle.


Parrot is described as “deep aqua blue with bright green and bright pearl.” This shadow is very pigmented with one swipe and it has an incredible sheen thanks to the pearl. I’m really happy with the texture. It is blendable and the color is everything I thought it would be! This shadow has a frost finish.

Aquadisiac is a lustre finish and is described as “deep sea turquoise,” which is the perfect description. This is such a mermaid color! I won’t be depotting this one for sentimental reasons (my hubby picked it out!). Aquadisiac has a little bit of grit to it due to the silvery sparkle, but nothing that can’t be managed. I’ve worn this a few times since I got it and the color payoff is incredibly pretty!

NYX Lagoon Sparkle is often said to be a close dupe for Aquadisiac. They both have a silver sheen and that aqua green color. Lagoon Sparkle is less pigmented than Aquadisiac and Parrot. It is also a little less blue than Aquadisiac, so the colors aren’t exact, but they are pretty similar. The shadow itself has a nice texture, as it is velvety and soft. This can be build up and will last all day with a primer.


Aquadisiac, Lagoon Sparkle, Parrot

As you can see, Parrot is the bluest of the three, and the darkest. All three are great shadows, and if you can’t pay the MAC price ($15 for the potted shadow, $12 for the pro pan), Lagoon Sparkle is a good alternative at just $5. The color payoff won’t be as dramatic as Aquadisiac, but using a white base (like NYX Milk), will help this shade pop.

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2 Responses to MAC Parrot and Aquadisiac Versus NYX Lagoon Sparkle

  1. satine89 says:

    I really like the NYX one!!!! I should get it! 😉

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