EcoTools Face and Body Sculpting Brush Review!


EcoTools has a very exciting new product on the market: the Face and Body brush! If you’re not familiar with the brand, EcoTools is a beauty brand developed by Alicia Silverstone that makes eco-friendly, cruelty-free makeup brushes and applicators. They have also recently expanded their line with false eyelashes. I was so excited to get my hands on the Face and Body brush because there is another very popular, very large brush that I’ve been admiring from afar.


I’m not going to say this brush does the same thing as the NARS Botan brush, but that is the large brush I was referencing. At $75 it is a major investment brush. Many times I have looked at it; I pick it up and admire it in Sephora probably every time I’m in there, which is why I was so excited about this brush from EcoTools. I’m not saying it is a dupe by any means since I haven’t used the Botan brush, but this is a good option for those who don’t want to splurge on the NARS brush.


Check out this whopper! I LOVE huge brushes! So what have I been using it for? Quite a few things, actually!

1. Blending- This brush is a dream for blending out blush. It blurs everything softly for a super natural and soft look.

2. Applying bronzer- It might seem a little large for applying bronzer, but I love it! I just brush it over MAC Give Me Sun! and buff it around the outside of my face and on my neck.

3. Applying loose powder- This brush is great for brushing some perfumed powder (in my case, Lush Silky Underwear) on the neck and décolleté. I see my little tub of Lush getting a lot more use now!


Here it is compared to the size of my face. This covers a lot of ground! I think this brush will also be great for mineral foundation, which I haven’t tried just yet.

This brush has the soft synthetic taklon bristles that EcoTools is known for, and an easy-to-grip bamboo handle.

At $12, this is definitely worth a try! I might pick up a back-up brush, that is how much I love it. The only other brush I have a duplicate of is the MAC 217, so that tells you just how much I love the Face and Body brush! I haven’t actually seen this brush sold in stores yet, and ordered mine from Ulta’s website. Since this is fairly new, it will likely start to pop up in stores this spring and summer.

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3 Responses to EcoTools Face and Body Sculpting Brush Review!

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  2. Hi 🙂 The brush love from the first moment. You have a really wonderful blog 🙂 Greetings from Czech Republic ♥ Llaaddyss

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