Wet ‘n’ Wild I’m Getting Sunburned Palette Swatches


This photo is severely washed out due to the sunlight!

These little Wet ‘n’ Wild palettes have been touted to death on YouTube and on blogs, but I’m going to add my two cents about this great little palette called I’m Getting Sunburned. For $3, you’re getting a lovely bronzy palette that is very pigmented and buttery smooth. Oh, and soft, while I’m breaking out the cliche eyeshadow descriptors, but hey, it is!


This is actually my second I’m Getting Sunburned palette! The first one I used quite often, but it fell victim to falling off of the counter and breaking (courtesy of my cats). That is one problem with the Wet ‘n’ Wild palettes: they break easily if they fall. Luckily, they are affordable to replace.

The eyelid shade is a golden bronze color that is very warm and metallic. The crease shade is a reddish, chocolatey brown with a hint of shimmer. That shade is probably the most pigmented of the bunch. The brow bone shade is definitely a shape shifter! In some lighting, it seems like it would be a cool-toned, white pink, but that is not the case. It is actually a pretty neutral pink with a lot of shimmer, and sometimes leans purple depending on the light.


One swipe!

This is one of my favorite palettes from Wet ‘n’ Wild, and it will look great on a huge variety of skin tones. The warm browns are perfect for achieving a summer glow on the eyelids, and the pink shade offers a nice highlight. I’m Getting Sunburned is a must have in my makeup bag!

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