MAC 191 Brush Review

The MAC 191 brush ($33) is a flat, thin paintbrush style brush, used “for distribution and blending of liquid, emulsion or cream products on the face or body” according to MAC’s website. I use it for applying foundation, and am really impressed with the results! I never thought I would use a brush like this one for applying makeup for a couple of reasons. First, I assumed that I wouldn’t have a clue how to use it, and secondly, I thought it would take too long. Happily, neither of those is the case with the 191.



The 191 is a firm brush with soft, synthetic bristles. The thin edge allows for really sculpting the foundation in those small places, like around the nose and especially around the lips! It also allows for easy building and blending on any problem areas that you may want covered up. I use this in short, quick strokes, and my foundation blends quickly with that method. The result is totally flawless. I expected there to be lines because of the sharper edge, but this brush leaves an airbrushed finish. No, really! It does! Believe me, I was shocked by it as well. How many times have I heard that used as a description, yet not been able to achieve the results? Many, many times!


Here you can see just how skinny it is. One thing I recommend is to at least spot clean this brush daily, since the bristles will stick together with use. I don’t have any brushes like this one, and I can’t think of any dupes for it, although I’m sure they are out there.


Here it is in reference to my face; you can see that it is a decent size. I love how this brush distributes product, and I actually find myself using less product when I use it. This with Sheer Glow…it is truly perfection! I’m very happy with it and would definitely recommend it!

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