Summer Must Have: EcoTools Retractable Kabuki Brush


I mentioned the EcoTools Retractable Kabuki brush way back in my first month of this blog, August of 2012, in my first favorites post! This brush is a summer must have. It’s compact, lightweight, easy to clean, and performs perfectly!


When I travel, I like to keep things simple, especially if it’s only for a weekend. Last summer, I took this brush everywhere, primarily using it for blush and bronzer, by simply wiping it clean after using one or the other (I always apply blush first, then bronzer). I haven’t experienced any shedding while washing this brush, or while using it.


The density of the bristles is perfect- it has just enough give to blend, but they aren’t too loose or floppy (hate that!). Plus, because this is retractable, there’s no worries about getting powders everywhere, or damaging the bristles. This brush has a new design this year since EcoTools revamped their look, so this brush now comes in a brown tube. I am thinking of picking up the new one to see if there are any differences; plus, it would be great to have another one on hand.

This brush is $9 at drugstores and convenience stores, which is a great price for the quality. I love the EcoTools line and am very happy with the quality, plus the eco/animal friendly factor!

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