Drugstore Alternative to the MAC Temperature Rising Quad!


With the release of MAC’s latest collection, Temperature Rising, a “self-titled” quad was also released in an array of beautiful dusty lavender and purple tones. With a $44 price tag due to special packaging, the Temperature Rising quad may be out of some price points. There is a great drugstore alternative to this quad that includes several similar shades and one dupe. It is from the brand Black Radiance, which is owned by Wet ‘n’ Wild, and it is an 8-pan palette called “Downtown Browns.”


Downtown Browns is not a new palette by any means, but there are some shades here that are very similar to those in the Temperature Rising quad! These 8-pan palettes are $7 compared to the $5 price tag of Wet ‘n’ Wild’s palettes, but you can find them on sale every once in awhile at places like Meijer (I got mine for $5 from there).

Let’s check out the swatches!


Left to right in pairs:

  • MAC Temperature Rising, BR left browbone shade
  • MAC Performance Art, BR left eyelid shade
  • MAC Swelter, BR left crease shade
  • MAC Beauty Marked, BR right crease shade

The dupe here is for Beauty Marked, which has more sparkle and is more pigmented on the first swipe, but they are extremely similar. Nobody would be able to tell while you’re wearing it, that’s for sure! The next closest shades are Temperature Rising and the left browbone shade. Temperature Rising has some sparkle to it and is more pink, while the Black Radiance shade is a little more peach.

Although they are not exact dupes, I think if you want the Temperature Rising quad but don’t want to pay $44, definitely pick up this 8-pan palette from Black Radiance! You get four more shadows, plus a huge price cut at $7. The shadows are pigmented and will last all day with a primer. I think these are actually better than the Wet ‘n’ Wild 8-pan palettes, because they don’t have as much fall out!

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2 Responses to Drugstore Alternative to the MAC Temperature Rising Quad!

  1. Luchessa says:

    Love this kind of posts. And Wet ‘n’ Wild’s has such great pallets out there…
    We do have MAC here in Germany, but it’s almost the double of the price you would pay in the States, so i seriously don’t even bother. 😛

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