Art Fair Accessories!


Today was one of those lovely days, mostly because I got to spend it with my hubby and our friend at the art fair. We’ve gone every year for the past three years now. There’s food, music, and more importantly, art! I was hoping to pick up another piece of pottery, but that artist was not there this year, sadly! Anyway, I did get a few accessories. I love supporting artists and artisans, and am always looking for unique pieces, even though I do make my own jewelry as well!

First, I have to show off the egg brooch above, because my very sweet husband surprised me with it when we got home! Isn’t it unique? The kicker is that while we were there, my husband struck up a conversation with the artist because she lives in the same town where he grew up. Funnily enough, she lives just two houses down from the house his parents lived in while he was a toddler. Her work was so unique and fun, and I LOVED the egg brooch. It was definitely my favorite. She said, “flamboyant men and nutritionists are always the ones who buy that.” The artist is very friendly! After we parted ways, we ended up going to the library book sale. While my friend and I browsed, my husband went back for the egg brooch and surprised me with it when we got home. How sweet is he?


I also picked up two pendants from another artist. I love reading about the healing properties of stones and the legends behind them. My first pick is this amazing piece of ocean jasper, which is according to my little card brings “peace of mind” and helps you to love yourself and others. The colors are beautiful and the design is very complex!


My next pendant is made with Mexican snowflake jasper, which is said to protect against depression and negative thoughts. The design on this is so pretty; it reminds me of an abstract cherry blossom painting. I will probably put these on a plain silver chain, or possibly make a necklace for them myself.

We also purchased an oil painting that I picked out, of some sailboats on the water, and ate some delicious Greek food! I had the veggie platter with salad, stuffed grape leaves, and some rice, while both my friend and hubby went for the gyros.

It was a very fun day overall. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, too! 🙂

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