Bargain Brush: Up & Up Kabuki Brush


Up & Up is Target’s off brand of products. They carry everything from hand soap to medicine to face wash, and even food. I once had a terrible reaction to a generic brand of face wash while I was in college, so since then I have been cautious about purchasing certain things from generic brands (face wash: never again!). Anyway, while walking through Target one day, I noticed that Up & Up carried makeup brushes. Naturally, I assumed they were terrible, but I noticed that someone had opened up the kabuki brush package, so I decided to check it out. Surprised it the softness of it, I checked the price: $4.99. That was enough to prompt me to try it out, since I’ve been on the hunt for a holy grail blush brush.


This kabuki brush is pretty big and the bristles are nice and dense. The package doesn’t say for sure, but this brush feels more like natural bristles compared to synthetic bristles. That is the biggest negative about the brush: not knowing what kind of bristles they are.


This kabuki brush applies product beautifully and evenly. I’ve been using it with MAC Flatter Me pearlmatte powder from the Archie’s Girls collection and love how it distributes it across my cheeks. This brush doesn’t shed or leave little hairs all over my face either, which I appreciate!

For $5, I think this is a great kabuki brush, especially since kabukis tend to be more expensive. The ELF kabuki brush is $6 and is also one that I highly recommend.

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