True Religion Love Hope Denim Eau de Parfum


It’s a summer day, and you’re wearing a long, flowing skirt and letting the wind mess up your hair. My first spritz of True Religion Love Hope Denim eau de parfum conjured up that joyful image for me. I picked up the bottle, put it down, thinking “no way…I’m not purchasing a fragrance today”. Then I saw that there was only one bottle left on the shelf, and it came home with me.

This fragrance is simply delightful. Here’s something you may not know about me: I’m a bit of a “free spirit”. I fancied myself a peaceful hippie type in high school and in the utopia of my mind, we’re all living in harmony, the birds, the people, the lions. There are so many sad things in life that I just want to be happy and enjoy my interests, much like my grandfather did with his life (he is my inspiration). That’s what this scent makes me feel: peaceful.


Top Notes: Fruits, caramel
Middle Notes: Almond and brown sugar
Base Notes: Madagascar vanilla bean and musk

It is sweet, but light. It is not a cloying scent that suffocates the senses, but rather opens them up with the vanilla and almonds. The fruit notes seem to balance the abundance of sweet and wrap it into a warm, yet fresh fragrance, with perhaps a slight hit of salt, like carnival junk food: cotton candy, candied almonds, and elephant ears. This fragrance is quite complex and passed my test: my husband, not knowing that I had a new fragrance, said “you smell good.” 🙂


The bottle is too cute as well! It comes with a little leather strap of sorts that holds three charms: a guitar-playing buddha, a horseshoe, and a little pair of jeans. Very cute, but my real love is in the “peace/love” design of the bottle. It’s just plain fun to look at and makes me smile.  I have excellent lasting power with this fragrance. Love Hope Denim lasts all day on me with some slight fading; I usually spray a little bit more on when I know my husband will be arriving home!

If you like sweet notes, you may like this happy fragrance. 🙂

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5 Responses to True Religion Love Hope Denim Eau de Parfum

  1. i don’t know what happened! i was wondering why i wasn’t getting the emails about new posts from this blog and when i checked it says i wasn’t following you! grrr i’m sorry, i never meant to unfollow if i did. i have so much catching up to do now too

  2. This sounds like a great perfume. I need to keep an eye out!

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