Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in Steller (AKA Apocalips)


The Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers have arrived in the United States with a much more lame name: Show Off. Anyway, names aside, I picked up one of these puppies out of curiosity after seeing them in a new display at Walgreens. As I browsed the shades, I was determined to pick something out of my comfort zone of nudes and peachy pinks. Now I’m wishing I DID get one of those shades so I might go back for another, but for now here’s my thoughts on the shade ‘Stellar’.


The idea behind these is to pack the power of a lipstick into the formula of a gloss, and they certainly do that. This is SO pigmented that it’s actually a little intimidating! While wearing it, I kept worrying that it was going to smear all over my face and it definitely transfers to the teeth easily if you aren’t careful. It does go on a little thick if you aren’t careful, so definitely make sure there’s not much on the applicator before applying. Like OCC lip tars, a little goes a long way!

SOOne coat of Stellar

Stellar is a very bold, hot coral color. It looks very red in this photo, but is more pink toned in real life. Those who don’t have a very defined lip line like myself may have trouble applying these. The staying power is decent; in the two hour range, which is not bad for a lip gloss. The formula is not drying or moisturizing; it simply sits on the lips and remains neutral in that regard.

There is a definite smell to these, though very faint to me. I don’t notice it when it’s on my lips.

I like how pigmented these are, but personally prefer a more “low maintenance” gloss. I think the pink or nude shades will be better suited for my lips. (Okay, I NEED THE MOST NUDE ONE…I am obsessed with nudes!). That said, I can see why people love these, and I will probably pick up another one soon! They are $4.99 at Walgreens, so they are worth a try at that great price point!

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