JewelMint Go East Ring


The Go East ring is my latest JewelMint acquisition. While there are certainly more traditional rings available, I like the uniqueness of this one and see myself wearing it for years to come. Before reviewing the ring, there are some changes I have noticed with JewelMint. First, the boxes are different: they’re boxier (no pun intended) in that they are taller and much smaller in width, so the surface area they cover is small compared to before. They also no longer come with a description card. In fact, the descriptions seem much shorter on the website as well!


Take your look to the far East this season with our mix of rich jade, hammered metal, and gold metallic.

This is so uninspiring, don’t you think? I miss the rich descriptions of previous JewelMint days.



Anyway, back to the actual ring, which I do adore. I purchased this ring in a size 7 in order to wear it on my index finger, and consider it true to size.

The ring itself is sturdy in construction. The aqua stone is sturdy (I can’t call it ‘jade’ since any green stone is called jade these days) and heavy, but it doesn’t weigh the ring down. The base is also well-crafted so the ring doesn’t bend easily or anything like that.


I would consider this a statement piece, but I love huge rings! The model is wearing it with the stone facing upward in the JewelMint shots.


Here it is facing downward. It is more comfortable to wear like this since the stone rises above the band, and I also worry that it would get caught on things during wear.

One thing I love about this ring is how vibrant it is, and the textures. The geometric design of the stone contrasts against the hammered band and ridged frame. I love how these complement each other, and find it quite pleasing to the eye. The Go East ring is a great addition to my summer accessory wardrobe!

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