JewelMint Cambridge Ring Set


The Cambridge Ring Set caught my eye on JewelMint because it has an edgy look that is on the masculine side, yet still feminine thanks to the gold rhinestone adorned band. Since I had enough points for a free credit, I decided to spend my credit on this set.


Dark glamour proves to be a game changer with our English inspired set. The trio features a true brit aesthetic with sleek black bands and a “thrown-on” feel we all aspire to. About the rings: gold plating, crystal embellished.


I purchased the set in a size 8. I wear most rings on my index fingers because my ring fingers are tied up on both hands with my wedding band and engagement ring on the right, and my husband’s engineer ring and a ring that matches his wedding band on the right. The 8 is a little big, but not so big that they will fall off of my index finger. Still, I think the 7 may have been a better fit. I can still wear them on my middle fingers as well.

I like the set and the size of each ring. These aren’t dainty by any means! I do wish that the weight of the rings was more substantial. They don’t look or feel cheap, but I wonder how they will hold up over time. I like that they can be worn alone or mixed and matched together and with other rings. This is a very versatile set that I will wear often.

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1 Response to JewelMint Cambridge Ring Set

  1. TrineMarie says:

    Now I want them too! 😛

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