Bdellium 992 Bronzer Brush


I mentioned the Bdellium 992 brush in my May favorites post, and I’m definitely still loving it. Having been searching for my perfect blush brush, I think this one might be it! Though this is touted as a bronzer brush, it is the perfect size for applying brush to my face. Bdellium is a brand that I had heard good things about, so awhile back I purchased some of their brushes from Amazon. This one is my favorite so far.


I paid $18 for this brush and am very pleased with the quality of it.


  • Professional eco-friendly makeup brush
  • All sustainable bamboo handles and vegan soft synthetic bristles
  • All recyclable aluminum ferrules. 100% cruelty free
  • Blends bronzer beautifully
  • Uniform coverage across the face


This is a short handle brush; as you can see it is barely the length of my hand. With large face brushes, I like a shorter handle for better control, and prefer longer handles for eye brushes.


The bristles are soft and easy to clean. They do not shed when applying product, and it applies my blush evenly! I have some brushes that always leave product looking patchy. I have the Real Techniques blush brush and I feel like I just don’t get a good look with it because it is too big for my face, or the shape isn’t right for me. The Bdellium 992 doesn’t give me any of those issues, just perfect application.

As an interesting side note, Bdellium is “a gum resin similar to myrrh obtained from various trees (genus Commiphora) of the East Indies and Africa” according to Webster.

Have you tried any brushes from Bdellium? What do you think of them?

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