Jennifer Aniston Perfume: Lolavie


Before hopping into this review, I have no idea what this fragrance is called. Some call it Lolavie, others call it just Jennifer Aniston. Some say there was a copyright dispute of some sort; I really do not know! My bottle only says Jennifer Aniston on it; this is also just a mini that I picked up out of curiosity. Anyway, the bottle shape is pretty distinct, so you may recognize it already. 🙂


In the creation of her debut fragrance, Jennifer Aniston called to mind her earliest and most beloved recollections of scent. Evoking memories of sunny days at the beach and happy summer nights, this captivating composition includes light, blooming floral notes set against a sensual base of musk and woods.

Regarding the beach, I totally get that with this fragrance. Unfortunately, I would not purchase this again, or purchase a larger size for a few reasons. But first, let’s get into the scent!

The first spritz is very strong, and frankly not very pleasant. I found it a bit mature for my taste; however, as it dried down, the perfume left a salty, beach air scent lingering on my skin, not unlike a pile of towels or bathing suits drying in the sun. Now, since I’m a Great Lakes girl, let me be clear and say this is an ocean beach scent, NOT a lake beach scent. Yes, there is a difference.


The musk, citrus, and lily notes are the most predominant to me; the musk is actually quite strong, maybe a little too strong in the initial application.

I believe the execution of this meets the description, but unfortunately it just doesn’t last very long on my skin. I first wore this on a morning while I had errands to run, and within three hours it was completely gone, so I won’t be repurchasing this in a larger size.

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6 Responses to Jennifer Aniston Perfume: Lolavie

  1. I love this scent and so does my sister. It is all the way beachy but we are Atlantic coast girls! It does not last on my either and I actually think it might be discontinued.

  2. I’m wearing it now. I put it on approximately 5 hours ago and I cannot smell it except sometimes when I turn or move suddenly – my husband however can smell it for hours after I am unable to notice it anymore.

    I love the scent so much that the fact that I can’t smell it (although others can) after 3-4 hours is not going to stop me from purchasing the largest size and again.

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