CoverGirl Mirror Mirror Quad


Oh, CoverGirl. Why do I keep thinking that you’ll change? WHY? WHY? You can guess the direction this post is headed, but let me back up a bit. I have a long history with despising CoverGirl eyeshadows, yet I still go back to try them from time to time. Since I was coveting the Rainy Season quad from MAC but not wanting to pay the price of the quad, I went with a drugstore alternative with all grays and one turquoise. It was the only one left, so I figured it must be good! My last CoverGirl quad was a new on that was released last year. Prom Queen, maybe? I can’t remember because I threw it out due to no pigmentation. Anyway, let’s check out this one: Mirror, Mirror.


Texture wise, these aren’t terrible. They are pretty soft and a little powdery. They aren’t stiff compared to other CG shadows I have tried. They are decently pigmented, unlike the biggest waste of money ever, the hazel eyes quad, which I believe is being discontinued now since I’ve seen it on clearance. Anyway, back to Mirror, Mirror. After swatching, I had high hopes for this!


Not bad, right? Each color is pretty pigmented here. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same applies when they go on the lid. When these are applied and blended, they all look like the exact same color: a very frosty (and I mean ’80s hair band frosted eyeshadow here) wash of light, silvery gray.


I will probably experiment with this quad more, but as of right now I’m disappointed in how the colors actually perform on the lid. I don’t see myself being able to use more than one at a time due to how they all look the same once blended…and let’s face it, blending is essential!

I have one more CG quad in my possession: The Lion Queen, from the CoverGirl Queen line. We’ll see how that one goes. Prove me wrong, CoverGirl!

What do you think about CoverGirl eyeshadows? Is your experience with them like mine? Can you recommend a good one?


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5 Responses to CoverGirl Mirror Mirror Quad

  1. satine89 says:

    Too bad the quality isn’t great. I really love the colors and how they look good together! 😦

  2. Bridgett says:

    Yep. Right there with you. I gave up on Cover Girl eye shadows a while back. I live their ”brow and eye” pencils, but haven’t ever liked any of their other stuff. L’Oreal’s H.I.P. eye shadows are great and Revlon’s Color Stay quads are decent.

  3. Bridgett says:

    I forgot to mention Almay, who also makes great eye shadows. They have a great variety of eye shadows (shimmery, matte, smoky) in color combinations designed to compliment eye color.

  4. Cindy says:

    Ice Princess is my favorite in the quads.

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