FinnFest 2013 Accessories Haul!


Päivää! Today I’m sharing some of the goodies I purchased at FinnFest 2013, which I attended for many days while I was out of town visiting family. FinnFest is just what it sounds like: a festival that celebrates Finnish heritage. My mom is 75% Finnish and 25% German. My dad is half Italian and half French Canadian/Native American. My mom is very much in touch with her Finnish roots, so I was happy to spend time learning more about our heritage and the Finnish people.

One of the most fun parts of FinnFest was the Tori market (tori=market in Finnish). I did a little bit of shopping there, but my favorite part was just walking around and listening to the music, and exploring what different booths had to offer. I also picked up some very exciting literature that will hopefully open some doors professionally. We shall see! Anyway, onto the fun stuff!

The first item I purchased is pictured above: Lemon hand cream! I did not expect to find any beauty related items at the Tori, but sure enough there was some personal grooming items. This is a great consistency and it is very moisturizing. I like that it isn’t too thick.


I also purchased two tote bags made with Marimekko fabric. If you don’t know about Marimekko, Google it ASAP! They make the most AMAZING prints. Finland actually has an airplane decked out entirely with Marimekko prints and products.

FF2Here’s the other bag; sorry about the quality of these photos! It was dark and rainy when I took these so the lighting isn’t the best.


One accessory I purchased from an amazing artist is this bracelet from Blue Mohawk Studio. The inspirations for his work were listed on a little card, and this one was inspired by the Tobacco River in Gay, Michigan. Gay is off the beaten path, but it just happens to be near one of my childhood stomping grounds, a camp my grandparents owned, passed down to my mom, and will someday belong to me and my siblings. It is my absolute FAVORITE place in the entire world, so I had to get this bracelet! My brother bought one for my mom, and my aunt also bought the same one, so we all match!


My last accessories purchase is this ring made out of naturally shed reindeer antlers. I love how simple and natural this is! I see myself wearing this more in the winter months.

Besides shopping at the Tori, we went to concerts and attended many lectures. The whole week was such a blur because of everything that was happening, but it was so fun!


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2 Responses to FinnFest 2013 Accessories Haul!

  1. Can you tell me the name of the company that sells those antler rings? I’m interested in carrying them at one of our museum stores in the UP. Thanks!

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