JewelMint Rock Fusion Ring


When I saw the Rock Fusion ring on JewelMint a couple weeks ago, I knew it belonged on my hand! This ring is all of my favorite things: substantial, loud, chunky, and just flat out interesting. Make no mistake, this is not for the faint of heart. This ring is enormous! And see that glow? That’s what happens when the sunlight hits it, but it is still pretty vibrant on its own.



Vintage rock style fuses with organic glamour in this statement ring design. A glowing, translucent green stone is set against a molten gold-plated shank for a hypnotizing effect.

My worry with this ring is that the stone in the middle would just look like cheap plastic. Happily, that is not the case. The ring is well-built and strong; it doesn’t feel flimsy at all.


The inside of the ring is also very pretty. As you can see, there is a hint of design inside of it, so the light hits it at different angles. This ring reminds me of looking through goggles underwater: a bit murky and mysterious, but beautiful when the light hits it.



I ordered my ring in a size 7, which is a good fit for my index finger. My ring fingers are tied up with wedding bands on one hand and my husband’s engineering ring on the other, so I wear my statement rings on my index fingers, and sometimes my thumb.

JewelMint is a membership website where you pay $29.99 a month for one credit, which can be applied to a piece of jewelry. There are always codes for signing up on the first month, and there are also always coupon codes for different discounts. If you skip the month and wait for coupon codes (like I do), you can almost always find a deal.

If you like statement rings and chunky jewelry, I highly recommend the Rock Fusion ring!

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