Mattese Elite Haul!


I have seen the Mattese Elite brand on blogs here and there, but when I saw that the brand was disappearing forever at RickysNYC (thanks for the deal alert, Nouveau Cheap), I made a little haul! Most items are marked down to a dollar right now. Though I had to pay shipping, I purchased all of the items above for around $13 thanks to the DREAM10 coupon code that is good until Tuesday. Here’s what I purchased!


Smooth Wear Blush in Pink Lady- And WOW it is smooth! This is the softest blush I have ever felt in my life! It is very pigmented too; it’s a nice cool toned pink.

ME3Black Gold

Stardust Powder in Black Gold and Black Queen– I’m a sucker for pigments, and I’ve been into dark colors lately. I especially love Black Gold!

Multi-Dimensional Lip Gel in Threesome– I haven’t tried this yet, but it looks really pretty in the tube!

Multi-Dimensional Lip Gel in Quickie- Your basic neutral.

Continuous Color Black Mascara– I’ve been on a mascara kick lately, so for $1 I hope it is awesome, but for the sake of being discontinued, I hope it isn’t holy grail material!

Moisturizing Lip Gloss Wand in Teaser- This is pink, sparkly, and gorgeous. I can’t wait to wear it!

I was happy with the items I purchased, so I actually went back and got a few more items. I will show you the second haul when they arrive!

Have you tried this brand before? Do you like it?

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3 Responses to Mattese Elite Haul!

  1. That makes me sad! Ricky’s stores are so much fun and the line is very affordable. I may have to take a trip into the city to find out more about this madness!

  2. Shev says:

    You got such a good deal! Will look forward to reading your reviews! I really like the blush.

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