Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Go Go Green


Before wearing Maybelline Great Lash in Go Go Green, I had never worn a colored mascara. I always assumed it would be too bold or bright. Maybelline’s new limited edition color display is out right now, so I decided to FINALLY wear Go Go Green from their previous collection. Great Lash is the most famous mascara of all time. I don’t remember the exact statistic, but a tube is sold every so many seconds. I’ve worn this mascara before, but I honestly cannot remember the last time! My mom wore this for years. Who doesn’t love the iconic pink and green tube?


I believe Great Lash would be a much better mascara if it had a different brush. The formula is buildable and doesn’t clump; I didn’t experience any problems with flaking or migrating. No green raccoon eyes here! The brush is just so terrible! It’s basically the standard spoolie you can find anywhere. The good thing is that this small brush allows you to reach all of your lashes.



Great Lash doesn’t give any amazing volume or length. It doesn’t really do either of those, but adds some definition to them. I had a hard time getting this mascara to show up. I had to build up several layers to get color; I don’t know if this is because my lashes are naturally dark. This mascara dries quickly, so it is necessary to work quickly to get the layers done. I finally reached an opacity that I was happy with. 


One thing I will say about this mascara is that when I wore it, my husband would not stop complimenting me! I should disclaimer this by saying he is the type to shower me in compliments all the time. I’m very spoiled by him! BUT he usually just says something like “you’re so beautiful” or “your makeup looks pretty today”. When I had this mascara on he kept saying “you have the most beautiful eyes”. I don’t know if it was the green mascara, the Ariel Storybook palette shadows, or what.

I would purchase another Maybelline colored mascara; actually, I already have, as this year’s display is out! I picked up the teal shade, Teal Appeal.

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5 Responses to Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Go Go Green

  1. I bought two last year and just got rid of them. As much as I love the colors, I can’t stand Great Lash mascara. I find it to not do anything for my lashes.

  2. berrymix says:

    It’s such a novelty makeup, if there is such a thing. Good to try once but not for everyday.

    And you have sweetest husband! 🙂

    • MelissaC says:

      Yes, very novelty! It’s fun to wear every once in awhile. And I do agree about my hubby. He is the best! 😀

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