Real Techniques Powder Brush Compared to the Sigma F20 Brush


I love a big, fluffy powder brush. I fell in love with an enormous powder brush at Sephora, which prompted me to pull out the ones that I have right now: the Real Techniques powder brush and the Sigma F20. These brushes are quite different from each other; the F20 is said to be a dupe for the MAC 134 brush. I haven’t used the MAC version, so I can’t compare that brush here.

The Real Techniques brush is only $10 and it has a large barrel with a fluffy top, and very dense, but extremely soft. I’ve washed this brush several times and it never sheds. I LOVE how it feels while applying powder on my face. It also leaves a nice finish. I use it with Benefit Hello, Flawless! powder and the coverage is very even and consistent. I have also used this with loose powders and it works just as well.


As you can see, the Sigma brush is smaller than the Real Techniques brush; it is also slimmer and has a shorter handle. I think this is a decent brush for bronzing, but I don’t like using it for all over face powder. In comparison to the Real Techniques brush, the bristles are stiffer and don’t blend as easily. It picks up product without a problem, and does allow for more precise application. I paid $20 for my brush on Amazon, but on Sigma’s website the F20 is listed for $25.

For me, the clear winner is the Real Techniques brush. It is well worth the $10 price tag for how well it holds up and for how well it performs.

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3 Responses to Real Techniques Powder Brush Compared to the Sigma F20 Brush

  1. theoxfordowl says:

    Ooh, how fluffy is that Real Techniques brush?! 😀 I really must pick one up, I keep meaning to. I can’t believe how cheap they are in America though, compared to the UK!

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