Hidden Drugstore Gem: Maybelline 70D Browntones


As you may already know, I’m a bit fussy when it comes to eyeshadow quality and there aren’t many drugstore shadows that I like. The majority of my shadows are mid to high end (and ONE luxury shadow which I will talk about later). One of those brands that I adore is NARS, and when I read that Maybelline 70D Browntones was a close dupe for the NARS duo in Portobello, I decided to check it out.


This duo comes with two satin brown shades, which are great neutrals. They aren’t too heavily pigmented, but are easily buildable. For drugstore shadows, they have a nice texture and are very silky. Most of the Maybelline eyeshadow raves go to the quads, but these ‘bottom shelf’ duos and singles don’t get much love.


I like this duo for light makeup days or brown looks. If you want an easy to wear look, you can’t go wrong with this little duo! It is less than $3, silky, and has good pigmentation. I do recommend wearing a primer of course, but if you want a nice, neutral eye for less, this is a great pick.

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