Belated Fitness Friday Post!


Hello and happy Monday to you! This blog is one year old today! This is not exactly the post I was planning for today, but I ran out of time to do this post on Friday. My husband’s birthday was on Thursday, and we were out of town for the weekend with family. I had a couple of scheduled posts, but time was not on my side with work, hence no FF last week. Anyway, here’s a belated post!

So last week…I had one of the WORST runs ever of my life, including my younger years. It was totally my own fault though, because I knew the terrain wasn’t very good. It is a little recreation park in my town, but it is pretty rustic. There are a couple of trails and the ground is WAY bumpy and uneven. This combined with ankles that cave inward and incredibly flat feet made for a very painful run. I got through it, but I was actually a bit worried about the state of my one ankle that I sprained all those years ago. My ankles were ON FIRE with pain, the kind of pain that forces you to stop. That was Wednesday’s run. I got through it, but was super disappointed with myself.

The rest of the week was so-so. I only ran four days because we went out of town, and as far as I’m concerned, they were all terrible. I was totally exhausted and stressed out last week, and flat out MAD about it, which didn’t help anything!

I’m happy that I was able to just push through everything and start fresh this week. This week WILL be better!

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