Privet Bloom by Hampton Sun Eau de Parfum


Inspired by summer in the Hamptons…doesn’t that sound lovely? I’ve never been, but I know a thing a two about great beach locations being a Michigan girl. Privet Bloom by Hampton Sun is like taking a walk through a lush garden.

Though this scent carries some fresh and crisp notes of lemon verbena and sea grass, I found the floral notes more prominent, but not suffocating or cloying.


Lily of the Valley, Lemon Verbena, Jasmine, Dune Rose, White Hyacinth, Privet Blossom, Low Sea Grass, Sun-Warmed Musk, Blue Plum.


This scent wakes up the senses to evoke riding a bicycle past lush gardens of white flowers with the surf rumbling near by. It is clean and fresh, like laundry flapping in the sunshine. Those who enjoy floral fragrances will likely take to this one quickly!

As for me, though it smells lovely, this isn’t a “me” scent. Perhaps if the lemon verbena were stronger, I would be drawn more to Privet Bloom; however, this is a bit too flowery for me, despite enjoying the scent. This is something I would love to smell on someone else, like my mother (she likes fresh florals). Privet Bloom has staying power and envelops the wearer in a summer haze. With the winter months approaching, you can hang on to summer a little longer with Privet Bloom.

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