Mint and Gold Eye Tutorial


Hello! I have a really easy eye tutorial for you today! I’ve been trying to shop my stash more and it dawned on me that I’ve barely used this MAC pigment from the Archie collection, Lucky in Love. After being inspired by some mint eyeshadow looks on Pinterest, I came up with my own using gold as an accent shade. This is really easy and anyone can do it!


MAC Lucky in Love pigment
L’Oreal Infallible Gold Imperial eyeshadow
MAC Malt eyeshadow
MAC Painterly paint potNYX Gel Liner & Smudger in Dark Brown
Benefit They’re Real! mascara



Rite Aid Renewal eyeshadow brush
MAC 219 detailer brush
Sigma E40 blending brush
Sigma E05 liner brush


First, apply Painterly to the entire lid and into the crease. I used my fingers to blend.


With the Rite Aid Renewal brush, pat Lucky in Love all over the lid and blend. Be careful when applying pigment to the brush; you may want to tap the brush on something before applying to avoid fall out.


Next, take the MAC 219 brush and apply Gold Imperial from one end of the lid to the other in the crease. It’s going to look a bit silly, but don’t worry, you will be blending this out with the E40. If you don’t have the 219 brush, Sonia Kashuk makes a large crease brush.

Using the E40, blend Gold Imperial into the crease and up onto the brow bone. It is probably going to look VERY sparkly at this point, but that’s what MAC Malt is for! Taking the E40 brush again, dip into Malt and blend lightly over the brow bone and down to the crease. This lessens the intensity of the gold and provides a nice transition.


Now it’s time for eyeliner! With the Sigma E05 or another liner brush that you have handy, start at the inner corner of the eye and apply the NYX Gel liner on the top lash line; slightly wing out for a cat eye effect. Starting in the middle of the lower lash line, extend liner out to meet the liner from the upper lash line to finish.


Finally, finish the look by applying a mascara of your choice (I used Benefit They’re Real! here).



Even if you don’t have these exact same products, you can still achieve this look with similar shades and whatever tools you have on hand! The Sigma E05 brush I really like; it was actually a freebie from when I purchased another brush. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! 🙂

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8 Responses to Mint and Gold Eye Tutorial

  1. Luchessa says:

    Even with the pop of color you managed to do the look quite wearable. 😀 Good!

  2. satine89 says:

    I LOVE this look! Now I really want a mint eyeshadow!!!

  3. D says:

    very pretty. Those colors looks good on you!

  4. berrymix says:

    Such a bright and bold look! I’m scared of pigments haha! But you’ve inspired me to use up Gold Imperial more. It’s a great color!

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